Kenny was born in Houston, Texas.  He grew up on the Jersey Shore with his parents, Bob and Kate, and brother Jon, with whom he is very close.  Kenny decided at a very young age that he wanted to be an actor, and relentlessly badgered his parents into letting him pursue that career.  At his first-ever audition, he was cast as the lead in short film, and has been hooked ever since!

A New York-based actor, Kenny has worked on numerous film productions, television projects and Internet series. In 2012, he was cast at Boris Walleskya in the Nickelodeon series "Alien Dawn,"  which ran for two seasons.

Kenny took a several year break from the business in order to attend college and earn his degree, and has just recently returned to acting.
     Kenny is an accomplished artist, specializing in water color paintings of wildlife.  He is also a competitive target shooter with both rifles and handguns and also shoots trap. Kenny is a talented drummer and loves to play classic rock.  The pronounced white streak in Kenny's hair is natural - he was born with it!

Kenny has studied with noted acting coaches Sheila Gray and Robert Galinsky.
           Click here to watch Kenny playing a drum cover of Led Zeppelin's Fool in the Rain.
           Click here to watch Kenny playing a drum cover of Missing Person's No Way Out.
           Click here to watch Kenny playing a drum cover of Rush's Limelight.