Kenny Sosnowski

SAG Eligible

MKM - Maude Kaplan Management
fax 646.349.1118


Space Cadet Supporting Paul Riccio, Director; Sandwick Films
Boy Code Lead Deirdre Fishel, Dir; Mind's Eye Productions
Rockaway Supporting Melanie Schiele, Director
Grey and the Grass Lead Rob DiStefano and Ben Weil, Directors
Once a Monkey Lead Mimi Jeffries, Director
Silent Heart Lead Robert Moore, Dir; Alive in 85 Productions
Ben Lead Eliza Subotowicz, Director
You're Gonna Feel Funny After Lead Rodrigo LoPresti, Director
Long Shadows Featured Jason Dyer, Director
Leaving Ashland Lead Unspoken Films; Brian Dilg, Director
Under the House Lead Anthony Morrison, Director
Bar Mitzvah Season Lead Reed Adler, Director
The Piano Lesson Lead Joanna Newman, Director


Alien Dawn Series Lead Crook Brothers Productions for Nickelodeon
NYC 22 Guest, Principal CBS TV/Tribeca Productions
Black Dawn (pilot) Lead Crook Brothers Productions
Law and Order: Criminal Intent Guest, Principal Jean deSegonzac, Dir; Universal/USA
Celebrity Ghost Stories Supporting Seth Jarrett, Director; Biography Channel
Stickman Exodus Lead Comedy Central ATOM TV; Waverly Films
Team UmiZoomi Supporting Nick Jr, Steve Burns, Director
"The Bounty Hunter Players" Promo Lead Kyle Barron-Cohen, Director; A&E


Viralcom Supporting
Mall Store Bailout Supporting CHTV;
Mario Brothers Plumbing Supporting CHTV;
Kid Torture Lead CHTV;
Forever Flubot Supporting

Music Videos

BM Linx "Kidz on Fire" Lead Atlantic Records, Phil Botti, Director


Available Upon Request


Scene Study, Private Coaching with Sheila Gray
Scene Study, Private Coach with Robert Galinsky
Professional Class for Young Actors with Sheila Gray
Basic Film Scene Study (on-camera) with Alex Portugal
On-Camera Commercials with Kathy Searle

Special Skills

Drama, Comedy, Improvisation, Voice-Over
Drums: Advanced-both kit and snare soloist
Firearms: Competitive target shooter; 22 rifle, shotgun and handguns
Artist: Painting, drawing, most media
Sports: tennis, skateboard and longboard, surfing, swimming, bicycle, proficient at most team sports
Valid US Passport, driver's license and motorcycle license.
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